No plan will succeed without full embodiment

You need a plan, a strategy, to turn an idea into reality. But a plan comes from the mind, and humans are mind-body systems. To make your plan work you need to embody it, as a team, and organization. The Power of Connection method bridges the gap between vision and reality. It offers indispensable insights and instruments on what it takes to effectively introduce and realize organizational change.

  Currently only available as in-house program 


Webinar 1: Collaboration based on personal leadership, motivation and equality, versus power struggles


Webinar II: How to handle differences and move towards a powerful collaboration

Webinar III: The learning team and organization – A practical tool for enhancing self-learning


Webinar IV: The Power of Connection (model) – A reflection and development instrument

Webinar V: Implementation – Create your implementation plan

“Norbert Netten offers the missing link between vision and practice.
His insights and unique instrument are extremely valuable for those who adopt the challenge to make self-organization, any organization, work well.” 

Will Van Inwagen, Being in Business 

Currently only available as in-house program


·      Five webinars of 1,5 hours each

·      Interactive; time for Q&A

Webinar host and program manager: Norbert Netten 

Seasoned team coach, organizational trainer, and personal coach | Working for over 30 years with individual professionals, teams, and board of directors in different types of organizations |Author of three books |Designer of various online courses |16+ years of professional education | 100+ workshops in methods related to self-awareness, teamwork, and organizational development | Owner of The Power of Connection Organization (Dutch: Kracht van Verbinding)

Why do I see Dutch language in the URL, menu and on other places on this site?

This international webinar series is organized by the Dutch organization De Kracht van Verbinding (The Power of Connection). It’s a section on our Dutch website. Some items, like menu-items, header and footer are written in Dutch. Use Google Translate when you want to read it.